What stocks invest in silver?

There are several positive catalysts to look forward to. The company currently has five exploration projects underway in the United States, Mexico, Argentina and Peru, where it has the potential to extract deposits on nearly 1.5 million acres. It's worth mentioning that Hecla doesn't have a singular focus on silver, but it also has several gold mines. This diversification provides a deeper level of stability that has allowed it to pay annual dividends steadily for the past 31 consecutive years.

At the same time, the share has fallen by around 16% from its price just a year ago. While that may discourage some investors, for those with bullish views on stocks, it points to a serious undervaluation that is ready to be exploited for profit. First Majestic Silver is a traditional silver mining company that was founded in 2002 in Canada, with the vast majority of its operations in Mexico. The company currently has control of 12 mines that are in production or in the exploration and development phase.

Three of the company's four production mines are in Mexico, and the fourth in Nevada. Altogether, the company produced a whopping 11.7 million ounces of silver. The Chinese government has been straining its muscles for quite some time, and concerns about massive regulatory changes have driven Chinese stocks lower lately. With the vast majority of Silvercorp's operations in China, it has been a bit overwhelming in the market lately, dropping a whopping 47.64% in the past year.

Fortuna Silver Mines is another traditional mining company with a focus on silver. However, the company's name may be a bit misleading, as it is also a major gold producer this year alone, the company expects to produce between 178,000 and 202,000 ounces of gold. Founded in 1976, Bankrate has a long history of helping people make smart financial decisions. We have maintained this reputation for more than four decades by demystifying the financial decision-making process and giving people confidence in what steps to take next.

Owning physical silver, whether as coins or bars, is a psychologically and emotionally satisfying way to invest in silver. You have it in your possession and you can use it, if necessary. And, in some cases, it's relatively easy to access. Coins made before 1964 contain about 90 percent silver, and you can buy them for the value of their silver content.

Silver futures are an easy way to bet on a rise or fall in the price of silver without the hassle of owning physical silver. It could even accept the physical delivery of silver, although that is not the typical motivation of those who speculate in futures markets. Silver futures are an attractive way to play in the silver market due to the large amount of leverage available in futures contracts. In other words, relatively little capital has to be put in to own a relatively large position in metal.

If silver futures move in the right direction, you'll make a lot of money very quickly, although you can lose it just as quickly if you're wrong. In general, the best way to invest in silver is through ETFs or ETNs, not through mutual funds. Most people who invest in silver want to expose themselves to the price of silver rather than the shares of companies engaged in mining and manufacturing silver. ETFs and ETNs often track the price of silver, but most precious metal mutual funds don't.

Investment decisions should be based on an assessment of your own personal financial situation, needs, risk tolerance and investment objectives. Precious metals, such as silver, have long been an alternative to traditional investments, such as stocks and bonds. Investing in silver is not a good option for everyone, and some investors prefer to focus on cash-flowing businesses rather than investing in the metal itself. Investors should consult with an investment advisor, tax and legal advisor before making any investment decision.

You can buy silver stocks just like you would with shares of any company, through a brokerage agency, an investment application, or an online trading platform. The information contained in this document is not intended to be used as a basis for investment decisions and should not be considered investment advice or a recommendation, nor is the information an offer or request to buy, hold or sell securities. The investment information provided in this table is for general informational and educational purposes only and should not be construed as financial or investment advice. Any estimation based on past performance does not guarantee future performance, and before making any investment, you should analyze your specific investment needs or seek the advice of a qualified professional.

An investment in silver stocks can diversify your assets at a low cost with promising long-term benefits. Calculated by the average return of all stock recommendations since the start of the Stock Advisor service in February 2002.Here is a guide to identifying silver stocks that can increase your financial growth and diversify your stock portfolio. It's a small price to pay to invest in silver without having to own the precious metal or face the operational risks of silver mining stocks. Finally, if you would like to be exposed to silver stocks but don't have the interest or time to choose your own list of individual stocks and manage a well-diversified portfolio, there is another option.

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